Motherhood is Magical

This blog post is dedicated to my one and only, Chandler B. Today, October 6th 2018 she turns SEVEN!đź’«

Seven years of beautiful life! My life’s significance began when you were born 7 years ago. I can’t even remember what it was like before you came along. Your existence is significant and special because your God-given purpose awaits you. I can already tell this year will be filled with wonderful surprises, amazing achievements, and magical moments. The number 7 is symbolic and represents completion. How perfect is that, because you complete my life. There’s 7 days of the week, 7 colors in the rainbow, 7 wonders of the world, and God created the world in 7 short days. My child, this 7th Birthday symbolizes completeness and the aspect of things well done! You are as complete as each day, your personality is as colorful as every hue in the rainbow, you are as wondrous as every world wonder, and you live under Gods favor as he created you one of a kind. Every year I’m prouder because you are greater. You continue to develop and grow into your own little individual and I’m so blessed that I have a front row seat to watch you continue to become the extraordinary human you’re destined to be! This Birthday and every new year I wish you nothing but love, joy, peace, and happiness all the days of your life! My prayer each day is that God guides me every step of the way in this Motherhood journey so that I can lead you through this life successfully. I’ll always have your best interests at heart. You inspired me to create this blog because I wanted to share with readers that although this journey wasn’t easy at first, you make it worthwhile. You are Magical!

Happy 7th Birthday to my little girl that makes everyday brighter, all seven days of every week! You complete my world!

I love you my sweet Pumpkin! Life has a new meaning the day I laid eyes on you.đź’«

Forever and always,


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  1. WOW! Remarkable Poem for a Beautiful little Princess from her Loving Mommy! You’ve penned such a Powerful, Profound and Authentic Treasure into Beautiful Words! I’m in Awe~ your uniqueness excels and exudes in God’s strength and ability~

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