Motherhood is Magical

I didn’t choose the single Mom life, the single Mom life chose me…

Being a single Mom comes with its share of struggles, but my experience has been incredibly rewarding. It’s sometimes hard to refer to myself as a single Mother because I have so much love and support from my family. If you are a single Mom then you know that everyday is a challenge in itself. Every decision and detail is put upon the shoulders of one, when it was designed for two. It’s a constant balancing act. From transportation arrangements, to extracurricular activities, dinner, homework, etc. All of these obligations fall upon you. It’s hard not to get frustrated and overwhelmed. I sometimes find myself feeling down at the end of the night because of exhaustion and forgetting something that I was suppose to do. Rarely does the day/evening go as planned and I feel like I’ve failed my daughter in some way. Whether it be dinner sucked, she didn’t get to bed on time, or she has way too much homework (Yes, and shes only in 1st grade!!) and I’m trying to figure out how am I going to cook and help her with homework all at once, when I’m only one person. Other times I’m just like “forget it,” we are going to eat fruit in the bed for dinner and watch TV until we fall asleep. (That’s a healthy alternative right?) Oh well she’ll live!

I don’t follow all the rules and I don’t pretend to. What I am sure about is my daughter is happy, healthy, and full of life, and I make sure to do my very best in raising her. Single Moms don’t get the credit we deserve. Many times we suffer in silence. Raising children is a two person job….most times a 4, 5, or 6 person job because we call on grandparents, uncles, aunts, and friends for advice and guidance. All hands on deck! Yes, I know every Mother, whether single or married deserves recognition and praise because we all are magical in a variety of ways. BUT, it takes a little extra spark for a single Mother to make it doing it all on her own! Hey there Magical Mother’s! Keep up the awesome work! Keep shining and keep pushing! Our children love us and their love is what keeps up going when life gets hard to bare. Never give up and don’t forget about you and your self care. We are better for them, when we take care of ourselves. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about taking time out for you! You deserve the best too! Make sure your cup is filled because you can’t pour from an empty one! Always remember you’re Magic!💫

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  1. Awesome post! Being a single mommy is not easy but it’s definirley rewarding. You are an amazing mommy!! Keep up the awesome work, you handle it all so gracefully! Xoxo

  2. Wonderful and Encouraging words!
    You’re Awesome, Inspiring, Attentive, Engaging and Patient as a Mother, which are all components that are necessary to acquire in-order to ensure stability and well-being in nurturing a child, which you so flawlessly achieve with ease. Some non-single Moms may even find this difficult to manage. Continue in the flow of God’s Grace~

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