Motherhood is Magical

Walt Disney World; The most Magical Place on Earth…

…Or is it? We all look forward to taking our child(ren) to Disney World because we know it will be a memorable experience for them. So we save and use our last penny to plan a magical trip for them to remember forever. We plan and prepare and make sure everything is “perfect.” I think Disney World is something you can never completely prepare for.

We visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom for my daughter’s 7th birthday just two weekends ago. I walk in and still get excited when I see Cinderella’s gigantic castle! I almost feel like a little girl again, I could sit and stare at it forever. My daughter and I loved taking photos in front of it because it makes for an enchanting back drop. That is something I look forward to seeing as we enter Magic Kingdoms gates. She had a wonderful time, but to me it was somewhat of a disappointment. By October you would expect the weather to be a lot cooler, less humid, and I mistakenly assumed fewer people than the summer months. But I was totally wrong! It was the complete opposite! It was 91 degrees, the sun was beaming the entire time; other than the few minutes it rained which I was shockingly happy about, but that’s just how hot it was! The rain was a relief to the hot weather, and I am the type that hates getting rained on but I didn’t mind it that day. It was so crowded that you could barely walk without touching someone else, it was so many people. It seemed as though many children were having melt downs because they were also hot and irritated. Another disappointing factor was the ride wait times. We did have some Fast passes, (allows you to skip to the front of the line) but for the rides we had to wait for, we waited for over an hour! There are signs in front of each ride with the current wait times, they were all 145 mins, 165 mins, 65 mins, etc. So needless to say we used all of our fast passes very quickly.

I must say, perception is everything because if you ask my daughter about her experience she would say she had a great time and no complaints! While there we weren’t able to ride nearly as many rides as I expected, but this apparently didn’t affect her experience. What mattered to her is that we were there, she was ready to have fun, and the rides and activities she did do, she enjoyed it to the fullest! I sometimes wish I could live through the eyes of a child, they only see the good in everything. They are so intentional and pure. They have no expectations other than to live in that moment and live out every minute they can. I want to be this way. My daughter reminds me all the time to pay attention to the smaller things and not take the things that we tend to forget about for granted. While I may have felt as though I didn’t give her the full “Disney experience” she quickly reminded me that just being there made her happy. It was a little before 9 o’clock PM as we were about to leave, she grabbed my hand and said, “Mommy, thank you for bringing me to Disney World, I had so much fun.” That’s when every frustration with the day melted away and I was just grateful for her, on her birthday and being there with her. My heart swell with love and pride that I have a child that would take the time to thank her Mother on her birthday. That was the most magical Moment of the day!

So to the Mommy’s who plan things out of love and have high expectations and things may not go exactly how you want it to go, know that your child loves and appreciates it regardless. They don’t notice the small mishaps because they have nothing to compare it to. Don’t beat up on yourself for the things you can’t control, or even the things you can because you did your best and your best is enough. The beautiful memories will out shadow anything that may have went “wrong.” Our 2018 Birthday Disney Experience went just as it was supposed to because my daughter was able to celebrate it with her family and even Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the most Magical place on earth!




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  1. This is a great blog and interesting outlook, unforgettable observation of each special moment. This is a wonderful and sweet memory of this magical moment that you share with Chan as you do with each and every single moment, past, present and in the future. Your journey of Motherhood with the most magical little Princess is priceless, now and forever💞💫 my hat goes off to you … this is very Beautiful and I Love it!

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