Motherhood is Magical

Each year I find a new aspect of life to be thankful for. Motherhood presents itself with new moments each day and each milestone in my daughters life I find myself thankful to be there to experience it with her. I take nothing for granted. In a world where your life or the life of your loved one could be taken in an instance, it’s important to never loose the attitude of gratitude. It is so easy to get swept away in busy schedules, work deadlines, and projects you need to complete that the days are short and time passes us by so swiftly. At this time of year I love that family congregates and takes some important time away from our daily usual’s to love on each other and see those you don’t get to see regularly. Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving is a bit more laid back and not filled with as much expectation (unless you’re the one doing all the cooking lol). So you’re able to just enjoy the company of your family and friends without all the stress of shopping and gift giving. Thanksgiving is a special holiday filled with just as much magic as our favorite December day. The magic is focused on each other and not gifts and toys or the best tree or decor. But the importance of family and making memories that will last a lifetime. Continuing traditions and making new ones and asking your child what they are thankful for and it making your heart melt when they answer.

While I am thankful for many things, I am most thankful for the love from my daughter and my family. Motherhood has given me a new perspective on life and has allowed me to learn about myself and be more open minded. As my daughter continues to develop and learn, so do I. I’m thankful for our magical relationship. I am blessed to have her love me the way she does although I sometimes feel undeserving of this love. I wish that I could be better, greater, and richer for her so that I can give her the world. But in her own sweet words, she says, “Mommy, I love you just the way you are.” As you can imagine my heart swells with love and appreciation.

At this stage in life there is no end to my thankfulness because I have everything that I could ever need, and that is truly important. Yes, I would love a newer house, nicer car and maybe other materialistic things that’ll bring me temporary pleasure, but none of that would matter without my family. Those things are irrelevant compared to the value of them and their love. I am thankful for my past experiences because they have built a stronger Me. Without it I may not have had my greatest blessing, My Chandler B. Please remember to keep a grateful heart and a humble spirit. Never take your family and friends for granted. It can be easy to because you may think they will always be there, but one day you could look up and they might not.

Today, I challenge you to take the rest of this year and follow these simple steps to create an attitude of gratitude:

  • Live in the moment. Put down your phone. Listen more and focus your attention on whoever is with you.
  • Be thankful for the small victories each day. Did you have a day without something going wrong?-Be thankful. Did you remember you already prepared dinner after a busy work day?-Be thankful. Show thankfulness for even the small things.
  • Pray! It doesn’t take much to give God a small ounce of your day to talk to him and thank him for your blessings. Having quiet time with God will transform your day.
  • Give without expectation. Giving is a great way to show love and gratitude and quickly becomes addictive. Big or small giving changes our hearts.

All of these are things that I need to practice more and develop a habit to do. They are challenges for me indeed. But what better time of year to incorporate healthy practices to enhance our life and become better versions of ourselves as a person and as a Mother. What are you thankful for today? Will you join me and develop an attitude of gratitude? I hope so! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy this magical day with your family and friends!


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