Motherhood is Magical

Another year is upon us and I love this time of year because everyone is upbeat and optimistic about a fresh start! It serves as a good opportunity to reset and put in place new or existing goals for the year as well as re-evaluate long term goals. I’ve never been much of a planner unfortunately, but as I’ve gotten older I see that if you do not plan out your intentions throughout the year you are planning to fail. Accomplishing at least one item off of your ‘to do” list will inspire you to work even harder. That sense of accomplishment is energizing! So what is your inspo? What inspires you to reach your goals and tackle that task that you never thought you could? Who inspires you? Is it a family member or friend? A Public figure? Your child(ren)? A hard working co-worker you admire? Is it your past that forces you to strive to do better? Whatever it is think on that each day to ignite the fire that we all know is inside of you!

I will be the first to admit that I can sometimes slip into complacency and start to feel stagnant. I think that is normal for some of us, But as a Mother I look at my beautiful daughter who is so full of life and I see in her multiple gifts and talents and I know that she can do and accomplish anything she wants to. I have to be that motivator in her life, not just with my words but more importantly with my actions. I have to show her how to work diligently, how to manage life’s ups and downs, and how to not allow rejection or failure to define you and your future. Mother’s are powerful beings! Never take your roll for granted. My first inspiration is her. I look at my Father who has gone back to school to complete his Bachelors degree at the age of 56, and is continuing towards his MBA. He is inspires me in so many ways because I know that there is nothing he cannot do. I have multiple people close to me who are pushing themselves further and further to accomplish goals they’ve set years ago and it’s so inspiring-no one can stop you but you. Even if it’s baby steps, you’re still moving forward! Whatever point you find yourself in life it’s never too late to get back to the things you are passionate about in life. Use a brand new year to start that thing you’ve placed to the side but can’t stop thinking “what if I did this?” Do it Sis!!! We are all waiting! Go for it!!! Create your own magic!

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  1. Such inspiring and beautiful words ! I Love reading your encouraging, positive and powerful Blogs! Speaks volume to those [such as myself] who gleam from these flourishing life-giving words that are so eloquently expressive in your Blogs.
    Your photos are just as beautiful as well💖

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