Motherhood is Magical

I think one mood killer is when I open my daughters school folder in the evening to find the dreaded print out of another school project. I know I can’t be the only one with this feeling? I know what you’re thinking….yes, she’s only in 1st grade so I have many more years of this, I should get use to it. I can’t. I won’t. I hated to admit it at first but as a 31 year old woman, at this stage in my life, I’m very much in touch with reality and have no problem embracing my dislikes or more like disgusts in this case. Although I should be the one encouraging her to not procrastinate and making sure we work on these projects a little each day, we usually start doing it the night before. Or if I’m really in a good mood we’ll do it two nights before it’s due. I don’t know what kind of geniuses we’re raising these days but some of this work and these projects are a little more advanced than what I remember doing in school at that age and even older. Times have changed and I wasn’t prepared for it this soon, apparently.

I wish I was one of those crafty, creative, innovative Pinterest Mom’s, but that’s one trait I missed in this Motherhood thing. I would rather purchase it already made than make it ourselves. I usually put those feelings aside, “bite the bullet” and try to make/create something because my daughter is creative by nature. She can create something out of nothing. She gets that from her talented Grandmother. My Mom is that kind of Mother who loves projects and crafts. When my daughter goes over to my Parents house and I pick her up I will sometimes find her and my Mother doing little projects like making slime or pottery. I love to see this because 1. these are bonding moments that she will never forget and 2. because I don’t have to do it! (HA)  I do know that once I get into the project I coincidentally start enjoying it and making these memories are priceless! My daughter soaks it all up and I cherish those times as she creates something that blows my mind, and then I feel a sense of pride and realize again just how blessed I am to have her.

I believe the beauty of Motherhood isn’t just about the things you like to do or expect to do. It’s those unexpected moments of finding joy and fulfillment in things you thought you wouldn’t. Motherhood is adapting and appreciating even the seemingly small things. Our super power is turning the bad into good and good into great. Even the aspects of life I don’t think I’m good at, my daughter reminds me that I’m not so bad at it after all. Refocusing on the meaning of doing an unwanted project brings light and love out it. I get to spend these moments with my daughter even though I may not be the most creative Mom out there, she thinks I’m the best. And while I am not jumping for joy to get notification of a new school project, I take a deep breath and make the most out of it, after all that’s my job as a Mother and it’s worth it in every way! So if you’re like me don’t feel guilty of your lack of creativity, or artistic shortcomings. Most likely our kids aren’t judging us on that. We are assisting them and allowing them to tap into their own creativity. We’re building their confidence to imagine and create something they’ll be proud of while getting in some valuable quality time. Thinking of it that way changes my perspective and while school projects aren’t my favorite I’m slowly learning to appreciate them and making it a magical experience! 💫

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  1. I couldn’t imagine! I think the difference with projects today is that school is totally different! Like you really have to put a lot of thought into these projects!

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