Motherhood is Magical

Your conditions never run dry

An open letter to my Mother:

With Mother’s Day just a week away and my Mother’s birthday always falls on the same weekend (May 9th). I wanted to dedicate this post to The Most Magical Mother on this planet, my Mommy. The reason why I see this journey so beautifully is because she makes it that way. Having her alongside me each and every day, from the beginning has been an amazing blessing and I do not take that for granted. There aren’t many words I can use to fully describe her, because it just doesn’t do her justice, but I will do my best…

Mother Dear, (as I like to sometimes call her) Thank you for my life. Thank you for loving me at my most unlovable state and loving me through it all and even past that. Your love is unconditional and I see those conditions never run dry. Even when I didn’t listen and disobeyed you and Dad and didn’t heed to your wise words, you still loved me enough to give me chance after chance. You spoke life into me when I wasn’t sure of my life or where it would lead. You loved me enough to be brutally honest, and those honest words gave me tough skin, because you knew this cold world would have no mercy on a young, naive, optimistic yet gullible, carefree black woman. You knew and prepared me for it. You taught me black history, because you knew the school system would skip over our significance. You taught, but most importantly showed me confidence, grace, elegance, how to carry myself as a lady, but still stick up for myself and not be defenseless. I learned that people will say what they wish but it was my choice whether or not to believe them because I know who I am, a Queen. Fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image. That my worth is priceless and far above rubies. Through your life you exemplified what a Virtuous Woman is, before I even had an interest in reading Proverbs 31, you were Proverbs 31. And when I finally read it for myself, I saw you. Your conditions never run dry.

You don’t boast or brag, you don’t desire to be out front, you are the “behind -the-scenes” type, never looking for acknowledgement. You are a reserved, fearless, humble yet confident, honorable, intelligent, force of a Woman! Someone who stands her ground and knows her worth. You have never backed down from anything (which is sometimes scary Lol). You win every argument because you don’t stop and have the best comebacks in history! You would win any high school roasting session without question! You are a Wife that Men dream of, one that honors, protects, and cares for her Husband and still holds down the fort! You’ve worked and raised 3 children alongside Dad, and kept us as a tight-knit family teaching us to be proud and loving to each other and others. You’ve given your last never asking for anything in return, you give so much of yourself to us. When we call, you’re always there for us no matter the day nor time. You are the glue in our family, your conditions never run dry.

You gave us hope through God, security through Jesus, and a life manual through the Bible. You’ve given and showed us everything we need to navigate this life, Mother you are our Angel and I will always honor and protect you. You’ve done this for me even when I don’t deserve it. You are a phenomenal Grandmother! I couldn’t imagine better for my Daughter. She acts just like you, talks just like, is bossy just like you, and a strong force just like you. You two together, as I’ve said many times, are like “two peas in a pod.” The bond is unbreakable and I’m so happy that she’s able to grow up so close to her Grand Parents.

Mother’s are so important, they are our foundation, our shoulder to cry on, our go-to for advice and guidance, and our reality check when needed. They birthed us, cared for us, and took us throughout life which to me, is one of the hardest jobs there is because they never give up on us, when everyone else has. Thank you, Mom for guiding me and being my biggest cheerleader, always telling me there isn’t anything I cannot do and always recognizing the greatness in me. Because you meant it, you thought more of me than I did for myself. You’ve always saw the best in me. Your consistence and persistence has given me balance and stability in this crazy, unpredictable world. I’m able to stand tall and be “Me” unapologetic-ally because I have you. I know as long as you’re here on this Earth I’m never alone and I will always have someone in my corner to understand me and cheer me on. I’m proud to be your daughter and friend and I love you more than words can describe. I’m grateful that your conditions never run dry, because of this I am confident and able to tackle even the toughest of days. Your unconditional love has given me life, and I hope that I can be this Mother to my Daughter. I love you forever and always, unconditionally and whole-heartedly and my conditions will never run dry.

-xo your one and only daughter, Brittany Shardé.


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4 Responses

  1. 💞Love you so much my Lovely & Wonderful Daughter! This Letter is the Dearest and your Words are the Sweetest! Thank you for being the Beautiful & Loving Daughter you are! You are the Best Mommy to our Grand – Baby who Loves you with All of her Heart and that is So Special between a Mommy and Child. You’re GRADE A AWESOME!!!! Completely. Unequivocally!💖💖💖💖your Father & I . . . we Love you Dearly!

  2. This has to be the most genuine and beautifully written letter a daughter could write to her mother. I do not know your mom but after reading this, I sure wish I did lol…she seems to be an amazing woman and it shows through you. Mothers are a great blessing and we must cherish them while we have them here in the flesh. You too seem to be an amazing mother and by reading your post above, I can tell you’ve had the best example you could have ever received. Always be you because you are wonderful, or as you would say, MAGICAL!!

    1. Awww❤️❤️ Thank you so much for reading! It is such a blessing to have my Mother and have such a special relationship with her. I only wish to have this bond with my daughter as well, forever. She is truly amazing! You are right we have to cherish them and let them know they’re appreciated! Thank you so much for all of the beautiful compliments! And it takes one to know one!😉

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