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Wow! It’s been waaay too long since I’ve checked in on you guys and a lot has definitely changed since publishing my last blog! I promise not to go this long again, but you understand how Mom life, work life, school life can get, right? I hope so because I love blogging and it is such a magical feeling to publish a blog and witness your comments and responses to it! I live for the engagement! Are you like me and CANNOT believe that we are in the last quarter of the year and less than 2 months away from 2020??? I mean I think I say this every year…but I REALLY mean it this year, it’s FLOWN by and it just doesn’t seem real how we’re about to close 2019 and begin a new year! 2019 has been one for the books! So much has happened, so many things have inspired me and sent my creativity into overdrive! I know from that 2020 is going to be even more progressive and productive! The key is applying what I’ve learned this year to the next, so let’s get it!


So since we’ve last chatted I’ve gone from a girlfriend to a Feyonce, honey! (Praise him!!) LOL! Yes, the man of my dreams got down on that good knee on August 23, 2019 and asked me to spend a lifetime with him and it seemed like a dream! The best type of dream because I never have to wake up from this one. The day he proposed was the day our paths first crossed, which was 20 years ago on August 23, 1999 at Midland Middle School in Columbus, GA. He also took us there in front of THE school to bring the moment full circle. Not only did he propose to me, he also asked our Daughter if he can officially be her Father and gave her a gift she’s been wanting, too! If you are a single Mom then you know the importance of your mate loving and accepting your child as their own, it’s a requirement, so to witness this act of love and devotion meant more than anything. This was truly a special moment, but no footage to share Sis, sorry! (insert shrugging shoulders emoji) I know you’re thinking I’m the photo queen why don’t I have pics!? Haha…Well he wanted this moment to be sacred between the 3 of us, and boy was it special, that day will be forever be ingrained in our memories because pictures wouldn’t even do it justice!



MommiNation Link Up


The very next day I had the incredible opportunity to meet a bunch of my MommiNation Sisters in Carrollton, Ga, just west of Atlanta! We have connected via social media, conference calls, and video chats, but nothing was like finally meeting in person!


We had such  a great afternoon and discussed the future of the platform, and we had some special announcements amongst the group which only heightened the celebration! This was a monumental moment for me because as a fairly new blogger I am so fortunate to be apart of this amazing group of seasoned bloggers who have been blogging for much longer than I have. If you haven’t checked out Mommination then you should! We are a group of black Moms sharing our experiences through Motherhood from a transparent and relatable perspective. We strive to be the #1 resource for Moms visiting the site and see themselves through our blogs and discuss topics that directly affect US! I linked it in this paragraph so just click and it will take you straight there!



Anniversary Vibes

August was a month full of love and celebration because on the 31st we celebrated my lovely Parents as they renewed their vows after 35 years of marriage!


They had a beautiful and intimate wedding and reception celebration at the Bibb Mill Event Center and we (their children) were their wedding party.


Friends and family came to help us witness their re-dedication of their vows to each other and it was incredibly romantic and full of love! My Mom wanted us all to be in white and our bouquets to be red roses. The simplicity and vintage feel to the event truly made it a day to remember, because as a family this was so special to see our Parents still madly in love after all these years! Check out below some of the lovely photos of the day!


Motherhood is Magical turns 1!

I’m so proud of MM and the love and support it has produced! I found that writing about experiences since becoming a Mother has proved that so many other Mom’s share the same experiences. I wanted to celebrate 1 year of my blog and the success of the 1st year, sooooo I decided to throw my first event and invite anyone who wanted to come hang!!


I reserved a room at a painting studio, brought some food, wine, and cake and I enjoyed every minute of this gathering! I loved seeing the new faces that heard about it and connecting with old and new friends! It was everything I had imagined and I’m so glad I decided to go for it despite my nervousness! Stay tuned for even more growth and gatherings in 2020!


Big Things Poppin’

So with all the changes that have taken place, there is one last pretty major change that I’ll save to tell you all until it’s done! Because why spill all the beans at once, right? Yea, I don’t like secrets either but this is a bittersweet change that I’m excited about, but also nervous, anxious, and hopeful about, all wrapped up into one big ball of emotions!!! But we will get to that probably in my first blog of 2020, so keep following my friends!

So many things has taken place in between those major events as well like; my daughter turing 8, we celebrated with friends and family and had a party and fun trip. I had my first vending opportunity for Motherhood is Magical and it turned out even better than expected! My daughter and her soccer team went undefeated the entire season and made it the championship game and WON! So as you can see it’s been a busy two months but now that you’re all caught up with me, I hope you’ve had an exciting end of the year as well!

What are your plans to end this year with? What are some of your goals for 2020? I have a strong feeling this next year is going to be BIG! Big in many ways! Some people think buying a car, graduating from school, getting married, etc. are the things that will make the year. Those aren’t the only things that describe a big year for you, Sis! Leaving a toxic relationship and starting fresh is big. Going BACK to school after taking a long break is big! Working on your mental health, or fighting an addiction is big! Carving out more time for your children or committing to a healthier lifestyle is big! Those are still life changing events that are leading you toward a brighter and healthier life that you can be proud of! No goal in the right direction is insignificant, so start now thinking of areas of your life that you want to improve! No one is responsible for your happiness except you, take control but most importantly take action! Your kid(s) are depending on you and your self development so that you can be better for them and be effective in your parenting. As Mom’s we are the glue that holds our families together, make sure you’ve gotten or getting yourself together, too! I hope you’re proud of 2019 and what are you going to do in 2020 to be even prouder? Drop a line or two and tell me how you’re going to make it a Magical year for you and your family!

As always, Make Today Magical!


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