Motherhood is Magical

About Me

My name is Brittany and I am a Mother of a bright and brilliant 10 year old little girl, and one baby boy on the way. I have learned so much through this journey of Motherhood and I enjoy connecting with other women who are optimistic about life and choose to make the best of any situation. 

I created my blog site to share my journey and truths as a  Mom. And re-visit life as a single mom, it was what I needed when I  was there. The controversial truths of Motherhood can quickly suck the life out of you but somehow like “Magic” we turn the bad into life lessons and proceed to a brighter future. 

There’s so much beauty in this journey, Motherhood is indeed Magical! Please feel free to comment or email me, I love to hear from you. I hope that you will be inspired and encouraged. XO