Motherhood is Magical

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Project Motherhood

I think one mood killer is when I open my daughters school folder in the evening to find the dreaded print out of another school

After labor, what now?

How many of us can agree that the journey during your pregnancy was magical but postpartum is anything but that? I know many women have rough

I’m listening

Just recently two different people, on two different days, at two different places commented on my Parenting style while observing my daughter and I dynamics.


Recently I watched a video on Facebook where children around the ages of 5 to maybe 10  years old were asked questions pertaining to what

What’s your inspo?

Another year is upon us and I love this time of year because everyone is upbeat and optimistic about a fresh start! It serves as

‘Tis the Season

It’s been about a month since I’ve made a post however, MM is constantly in my daily thought process and I write in my notebook


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