Motherhood is Magical

Category: Inspiration


Each year I find a new aspect of life to be thankful for. Motherhood presents itself with new moments each day and each milestone in

Your Purpose is Magical

I’ve been on a journey to finding my purpose. Sure, it sounds like something so simple and obvious but it isn’t. It’s actually a life

Magical single Mom

I didn’t choose the single Mom life, the single Mom life chose me… Being a single Mom comes with its share of struggles, but my


This blog post is dedicated to my one and only, Chandler B. Today, October 6th 2018 she turns SEVEN!💫 Seven years of beautiful life! My

Divorce, Debt & Doubt

The 3 dreaded “D” words we never want to discuss…but it’s real! No woman wants to admit she’s headed towards a divorce, in the middle


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