Motherhood is Magical

My Magic

Through this site you will understand what I mean when I refer to “Magic.” Magic is often referred to as something mystical or mysterious, perhaps something supernatural and unexplainable. Other synonyms for Magic include; exciting, charming, fascinating, wonderful, captivating, or glamorous. Think more along these lines when I use this term.

My Magic begins and ends with my daughter, Chandler Brielle.

I’ve never seen nor experienced anything more magical than her. And I doubt I ever will. She is the epitome of a supernatural wonder. The only magic I possess is being her Mother because it is a privilege to have this roll. She has so many gifts and talents and natural charm. My Magic is her.

She is my inspiration and my motivation. My purpose becomes clearer at the sight of her. I’m fulfilled, loved, at peace. I’ve fallen short putting the definition of love into words, but when I look at her I’ve never been more sure of what love truly is. Our bond and connection is intense! I hope it remains this way always.💫

“Life has a new meaning the day I laid eyes on you.” -Mommy